The Trail Head

trails traverse the varied habitat of the area

Welcome to the Penquis Nature Center trail systems. There are three sets of trails. These trails traverse the varied habitat of the area, giving a brief look at some of the more important plants and animals found here. We are sure we don’t have to tell you not to leave cyber-trash along the cyber-trails, but would like to remind you that there is no virtual swimming in the virtual beaver pond. It upsets the virtual beavers. Of course, during the winter the prohibition is unnecessary. You’d need a cyber-ice auger to even get your cyber feet wet.

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  • The Ridge Trails run throughout the uplands.
  • The Bog Trails go through the lowlands along creek, marsh, and by the beaver pond.
  • The Mountains to Marsh Trails link both general habitats.
  • Or you could try a night walk!

All trails in all habitats have both short and long loops.

The Ridge Trails

The Ridge Trails consist of two trails that take about half an hour to follow with shorter loops that take 10 to 15 minutes. Each of these trails can be visited in summer, winter, spring, or fall — or that will be possible when the site is complete. Choose the trail and the season.

Granite Hills Trail

Windy Ridge Trail

Bog Trails

The Bog Trails system includes two trails with both short and long loops.

Beaver Pond Trail

Up The Creek Trail

Mountains to Marsh Trail

Night walk

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image: Pexels