The museum of the Penquis Virtual

The museum of the Penquis Virtual Nature Center contains a brief overview of the ecology of the area as well as more specific infomational bulletins, essays, keys, and other, many of which you may conveniently download for offline use. Use the table of contents below to guide you through the various sections. We are constantly under construction, and new lectures will be added from time to time. Feel free to download the various guides for your own private use. If you want a large print copy of any guide, .

We have initiated a lecure series, probably irregular, on a variety of topics. For the present these topics will be presented as files for online browsing or downloading, and directions will be given for posing questions or offering discussion.

Sound files in the various guides will be labled as long if they are over 100 kb. Files of this length may take from several seconds to a minute to download depending on your modem.

Our thanks to those who have provided the nature sounds for these pages
The sound files are their property and are copyright by them. Source is shown by abreviation after the file. All sounds not so labled are property of MIST Software Associates.

  • MIST – Marty Michener, MIST Software Associates,
  • WK – Walter Knapp,
  • DVG – Doug Von Gausig copyrighted 2003.

image: Wikimedia Commons